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Spy Boy
Spy Boy is the original Running Fork. He started with plastic forks to sample other people's food. Then he discovered extension forks which took 'forking' to another evolutionary level. He is a real person and the rest is history.

In-Home Cooking Classes

  Have a Cooking Class in Your Kitchen There is no better place to learn to make something new than in your own home kitchen. It is here that you will repeat what you learned over and over. Familiarity breeds comfort and easy success. How it Works Running Fork arrives with everything needed for the In-Home Cooking Class. The flow ... Read More »

Running Fork Comfort Catering Serves Up New Menus

   What is Comfort Catering? Running Fork subscribes to the Pleasure Principle.  To inject pleasure into the dining experience transforms sustenance into well being. Besides serving our bodies well, Running Fork Food serves our smiles and happiness. Serve food that makes people happy they are alive, and can carry the goodness of the meal into the goodness of whatever else ... Read More »

Running Fork Comfort Catering in SF Bay Area

  I cook. I cook a lot. I love to cook. My passion for wanting to try and share tasty food only amplifies every time I make the opportunity to cook. The best part about cooking is I love being in the kitchen cooking. Too many of my friends with whom I share my cooking passion tell me to open a ... Read More »

Krewe d’Agave’s secret margarita mix

Krewe d'Agave's margarita madness

Within here lies the secret of the perfect margarita. Except for the rare exception, homemade margaritas always surpass any ‘professionally’ mixed offering served in bar settings. More often than not it’s because they pour crap tequila. What’s the point of a drink that you need three of before the medicinal effects take hold. Here is Running Fork’s favorite guide to the best ... Read More »

Henry’s Hunan messy plate club

Henry's Hunan Chinese Restaurant has four outlets around San Francisco.

Just like the rest of us, this fork is tired of the now endless stream of food photos. Everyone is sick of seeing so-called ‘food porn’ on social media, right? Our mission is to eat, drink (sometimes to moderate excess) and have as much fun as ‘hunanly’ possible. At Henry’s Hunan Restaurant that is exactly what we did. So what if ... Read More »

This gumbo is double bird magic

Pheasant Quail Andouille Sausage Gumbo New Orleans Jazz Fest 2014

OMFG. How many small birds does it take to make New Orleans gumbo great? Two apparently. That’s why in this gumbo the pheasant flies with the quail – a fabulous pairing. Together they combine to help your entire being take flight. Or for others maybe a quick nap behind a Jazz Fest food court trash can. This is really filling ... Read More »

Jazz Fest Krewes protest $12 Soft Shell Crab Po Boys

Jazz Fest 2014 krewes protest price rise Soft Shell Crab Po Boy

One of this fork’s all time favourites – Soft Shell Crab Po Boys – cost US$ 12 at Jazz Fest 2014. $12 bucks! There I said it and I’m over it. First year it was $5. Some Krewe d’Agave old timers will probably mumble a yarn about how it was only $2.50 the first year they attended Jazz Fest. But this ... Read More »

Where is Running Fork?

Red beens rice Jazz Fest New Orleans Cajun food

Running Fork is right where he belongs this time of year, at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2014 (Jazz Fest 2014). Spy Boy, Big Chief and Krewe d”Agave are hungry, thirsty and ready to report on the best food, drink and music in New Orleans. Krewe d’Agave has decades of experience crawling along the underbelly of The Big ... Read More »

Running Fork revisits Brandy Ho’s

San Francisco Brandy Ho's Chinese food delivery

The original Brandy Ho’s Hunan Food Restaurant was a favourite San Francisco Running Fork haunt back in the 1980s. Running Fork was delighted to find out Brandy Ho’s now offers Chinese food delivery in San Franciso free of charge. Orders are taken over the phone the traditional way or submitted via its website. Running Fork revisited  Brandy Ho’s with a delivery ... Read More »

Running Fork is hungry

Running Fork Jazz Fest New Orleans

Jazz Fest 2012 brings Krewe d’Agave to New Orleans for a new episode of fun. After the success of last year’s Running Fork launch campaign, Krewe d’Agave will be sporting their signature extension forks in force. This year Krewe d’Agave will once again make available its unique extension forks to the public for a donation which will, in part, be ... Read More »

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