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In-Home Cooking Classes

  Have a Cooking Class in Your Kitchen There is no better place to learn to make something new than in your own home kitchen. It is here that you will repeat what you learned over and over. Familiarity breeds comfort and easy success. How it Works Running Fork arrives with everything needed for the In-Home Cooking Class. The flow ... Read More »

Running Fork Comfort Catering Serves Up New Menus

   What is Comfort Catering? Running Fork subscribes to the Pleasure Principle.  To inject pleasure into the dining experience transforms sustenance into well being. Besides serving our bodies well, Running Fork Food serves our smiles and happiness. Serve food that makes people happy they are alive, and can carry the goodness of the meal into the goodness of whatever else ... Read More »

Running Fork Comfort Catering in SF Bay Area

  I cook. I cook a lot. I love to cook. My passion for wanting to try and share tasty food only amplifies every time I make the opportunity to cook. The best part about cooking is I love being in the kitchen cooking. Too many of my friends with whom I share my cooking passion tell me to open a ... Read More »

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