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In-Home Cooking Classes


Have a Cooking Class in Your Kitchen

There is no better place to learn to make something new than in your own home kitchen.

It is here that you will repeat what you learned over and over. Familiarity breeds comfort and easy success.

How it Works

Running Fork arrives with everything needed for the In-Home Cooking Class.

The flow of the class is: Prep • Cook • Eat.



You want to learn something new.

Having a dinner party and want to make it more interactive.

Want to have a positive food-based family activity.

Throwing a party and want catering with a twist.

Connecting with peers on neutral ground away from your usual expertise.

Really hungry!



Class – $200
2 hours (may run long)
Maximum 10 people*/No minimum
Minimum 4 orders each** of any single dish taught in class.
**Food cost pricing is per person.

*We may cook for more than 10, however 10 people in the kitchen is more than enough.

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Shopping Add-On

Come Shopping with Running Fork for your In-Home Cooking Class.

Wanna know where to get the ingredients? What to look/ask for?

$50 total

Up to 4 shoppers


Classes Offered

We teach anything on our Menus.

We feature 3 cuisines that require specialized expertise.






BBQ Oysters


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About Spy Boy

Spy Boy
Spy Boy is the original Running Fork. He started with plastic forks to sample other people's food. Then he discovered extension forks which took 'forking' to another evolutionary level. He is a real person and the rest is history.

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