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Lao mountain meat Pho

Luang Prabang morning market in Laos find stall serving beastly bowls of steaming Pho noodles

Mountain meat pho is sweet to eat and hard to find

Steaming hot noodles are always a preferred breakfast choice, especially on a misty monsoon morning in Luang Prabang.

About half way up the soi heading toward Souriyavongsa Road, there is one Pho noodle stall doing a roaring daily local trade.

That was where I wanted to be, so I squeezed into a narrow bench and ordered.

I didn’t bother to ask what was going in the dish or identify body parts; I just saw the large steaming bowls next to piles of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Adding a handful of herbs and veggies, it was a heaping serving when I finished seasoning it. I greedily slurped it down in record time.

Luang Prabang Pho noodles morning market tasting tour

Naked mountain meat pho baby

Succulent and delicious, this fork still isn’t quite sure exactly what animal he ate.

But who gives a shit anyway?

Life really is too short, and it’s only 15,000 kip (US$ 2.00) per bowl.

A light rain fell as I ordered another bowl of Pho noodles and savoured every bite.

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The Morning Market serves up beastly bowls of steaming Pho noodles for 15,000 kip (US$ 2.00). Experience an authentic twist of this local delicacy at a busy stall near Souriyavongsa Road.

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  1. Being part Lao makes me have a bias, but I prefer this type of pho over Vietnamese anyday. Both are good, but I prefer the broth and meat in a Lao dish especially since they marinate the meat in the broth over night.

    • DF – agreed but I don’t think you’re biased. To me Vietnamese Pho is always a lighter stock, sometimes made to order, and not as varied. This was comfort food plus in the wicked overnight broth you mention.

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