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Running Fork Comfort Catering in SF Bay Area

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I cook. I cook a lot. I love to cook.

My passion for wanting to try and share tasty food only amplifies every time I make the opportunity to cook.

The best part about cooking is I love being in the kitchen cooking.

Too many of my friends with whom I share my cooking passion tell me to open a restaurant. Are you crazy?

Starting a restaurant or even a small-scale catering company is not at all my passion. I have no desire whatsoever to become a catering company with all the serving gear that goes along with it.

Creating and serving food that gives me and others joy is my passion.

With that in mind I introduce Running Fork Catering. The concept is very simple.

Complete Menu

Although doing individual plate service is a skill that me and my partner have honed, it is not what I want to offer to you.

What I offer to you is incredibly delicious ‘family style’ fare.

Pans and pots full of goodness that can be served as you wish. You can plate it. You can pass it. Regardless, you get to eat it.

Sharing a meal means just that. Sharing.

I also offer in-home cooking classes for those who want to learn awesome Thai food at home (as one example).

To know more, simply click here.

About Spy Boy

Spy Boy
Spy Boy is the original Running Fork. He started with plastic forks to sample other people's food. Then he discovered extension forks which took 'forking' to another evolutionary level. He is a real person and the rest is history.

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